A Complete Troubleshooting Guide On Magellan GPS Update

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Magellan GPS Update

Are you looking for a Magellan GPS Update guide? This complete guide will help you to update your GPS device in quick simple steps. But before you find the free and paid Magellan GPS update steps, gauge through the following introduction carefully to gather some most useful information about Magellan GPS. 

A Few Words About Magellan GPS

Magellan, founded in 1986, is an American-based company that manufactures smart navigation devices. The device is known for providing accurate navigation results and making travelers’ journey hurdle-free. With the Magellan GPS device, you will be free to travel anywhere without worrying about the routes. It makes sure your traveling goes smoother, safe, and secure with this latest technology. 

Even after being loaded with the latest and high-end features, users need to get a Magellan GPS update timely to meet the latest version of the device and leverage new routes & roads. If you’re unfamiliar with the Magellan GPS update procedure, don’t worry, you will find the best possible guidance in this post. 

Whether you’re traveling for business purposes or with your family and unfamiliar with the routes, manual guidance can prove inconvenient and incorrect. GPS devices like Magellan are the only reliable way to get the most accurate routes. But they will only work when you get them updated occasionally. 

When it comes to Magellan GPS update, users will get some minor to major updates for free and most of the maps updates must be purchased. This post includes both Magellan map update free download and purchase download. Read the post carefully to download and install the latest version of the app properly. 

Before you move to the Magellan GPS update procedure, keep these points in mind to accomplish the updating process hassle-free. 

Points to Remember Before Getting Magellan GPS Update

We hope all of you understood why you would need to update Magellan GPS. Before you start with the steps to complete the Magellan GPS update procedure, these are the points that you are required to remember. 

  • Magellan GPS Software is not compatible with many GPS devices. In case, you’re also having a device that is incompatible with Magellan, you will have to install the Content Manager. Without a content manager, it is impossible to get a Magellan GPS update.
  • Before you start the Magellan GPS update, charge your device fully. 
  • Make sure to connect your computer with a strong internet connection. If your Wi-Fi is not working properly, connect with the internet service provider or expert technicians. 
  • Do not turn off or remove the GPS device in between the Magellan GPS update process. 

With these points, you can easily complete the steps of the Magellan GPS update. Check the step-by-step guide discussed below. 

Procedure to Update Magellan Device: Step-by-step Guide

Magellan GPS Map involves a wide range of features. It might happen you find difficulties in performing Magellan map update free download or paid version. For the stress-free procedure, you can read this guide explaining simple steps on Magellan GPS update or connect to the support team for effective assistance. Whatever your decision is, this page can help you in both scenarios. 

Magellan Map Update Free Download

GPS devices are the most effective way to get accurate routes. The section of Magellan map update free download would require nothing except for painstaking attention to the instructions. Here are the steps you can follow for Magellan map update free download. 

  • Download and install Content manager from the Magellan website for Magellan GPS update.
  • Launch Content Manager and sign in using your account information. If you don’t have an account, visit the primary page of the Magellan website and create an account by following the directions on the screen. 
  • Connect your GPS device to the computer via USB cable, the unit will Turn-on automatically. 
  • Now hit the download button present on the GPS and install it afterward. 
  • When the installation is completed, you will be asked to disable the device from the computer. 
  • Wait for the Magellan map update free download and install. Once done properly, you can separate the GPS from the computer. 

So this is the simple procedure for Magellan GPS update. If you want to update all maps and access the latest routes, keep reading. 

Magellan Map Update Paid Download

You can follow the below-mentioned instructions for the paid download. To reduce the errors, download and install the Magellan GPS update carefully. 

  • Go to the official website of Magellan and navigate to the ‘Map’ tab on the main page. 
  • Choose the GPS model starting from the drop-down menu and select the map upgrade & follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process. 
  • Launch Content Manager and connect the GPS unit to the PC with the USB Cable. 
  • Right-click on the ‘Content Manager’ icon and choose ‘Match up buy content’. 
  • Wait for the GPS to restart automatically. Update to download and install will also start running automatically. 

While performing Magellan GPS update, a little mistake can prompt an error or cause interruption. Try not to shut down your PC or separate your Magellan device from the system. These are the basic things that you need to keep in mind while following the updating steps.

When your Magellan GPS doesn’t work properly or shows an error, the reason apparently appears on the device. If not, updating the device is the most convenient way to fix any type of error including Magellan GPS update. Hopefully, these steps will effectively work in updating the Magellan GPS device. In case you are stuck somewhere while following the steps, you can seek assistance from Pre PC Solutions. By visiting us, you can get every answer to your queries. Connecting with us is so simple. Call on our toll-free number anytime as we are just a call away from you.  

Whether it is a Magallan map update free download issue or problems with the paid version, Pre PC Solutions can help you in any case. 

These are the basic steps to update your Magellan device. As we have promised above that we will share every possible guidance in this post, the next section will elaborate on how to update maps on Magellan Roadmate 1700. 

How to Update Magellan Roadmate 1700?

Magellan Roadmate 1700 is a complex device that delivers accurate directions to drivers with the help of pre-installed maps and a global positioning satellite (GPS). If you’re looking for the best guidance, the device should get updated timely. It is simple to get a Magellan GPS update using Content manager. Here are the steps to do so. 

  • Connect the Magellan device to the computer through a USB cable. 
  • Click ‘Start’ and point to ‘All Programs’. Click the ‘Magellan Folder’ and select the ‘Magellan Content Manager’ entry. 
  • Click the ‘Update’ icon located in the corner of the Content Manager window. It will automatically check for updates for your device and will display the size of the update. 
  • Click the ‘OK’ button to start downloading the updated maps to your computer and transferring them to the device. 
  • You will be notified when the transfer is completed. 

If you’re a regular user, you are probably familiar with the device, its regular persisting problems, when it should get updated and how to update it. When your device has almost stopped working, one of the reasons is the app or software version gets outdated. There might be two reasons behind it, the roads or highways are under construction or the hospitals, medical stores, and other emergency services can change with time. That you should consider getting a Magellan GPS update.  

Magellan GPS Update Problems? Need Technical Help?

Magellan GPS is a smart navigation device, but at times some issues can occur when you’re trying to get a Magellan GPS update. That time you need to contact Pre PC Solution for help. Not only this, there are more common issues when you need to get connected with the Pre PC Solution’s experts. Our professional technicians will help you 24/7 and ensure your traveling is easy and safe. These technical glitches include:

  • Magellan screen going black
  • GPS is not turning ON
  • Magellan setting issues
  • Magellan battery problems
  • Magellan maps are not connecting to the internet

When you encounter these technical glitches, navigate to Pre PC Solution immediately. Schedule your call now!


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