TomTom XXL Update: Get Latest Version for Free

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TomTom XXL Update

TomTom XXL Update: TomTom is the handiest device to be used in vehicles for navigational purposes. Most of you have been already using this device for years and must know its advantages. Since then, various types of TomTom devices have come into the market. Regardless of what type of TomTom device you have, it should get updated regularly to ensure you have the latest maps and the software. If you don’t know how to update TomTom XXL, stress not. TomTom XXL update is a pretty straightforward task. 

In this guide, we will elaborate on two important topics: Why it is necessary to update TomTom XXL devices and What are the simple solutions to update it for free without hassle. Let’s start with a step-by-step guide. 

Why Is It Necessary To Update TomTom XXL?

Devices like TomTom are specially designed to navigate the accurate route to the destination. As building new routes are always in the process, in order to receive the most appropriate destination, keeping this device fully up-to-date is a good idea. Here are two major reasons why using the latest TomTom XXL update is necessary. 

Software Update- The latest version of TomTom software will remove unnecessary bugs. An up-to-date navigation device should continue to provide a smooth and accurate user experience. 

Map Update- Keeping your TomTom device updated will ensure you provide appropriate navigation of the routes. 

So probably, you have come to know why using the TomTom XXL update is necessary. Further, this article will teach you about how to get the latest version of TomTom for free. 

Get TomTom XXL Update for Free in Quick Easy Steps

You can get a TomTom XXL update using three methods. We are going to share a step-by-step guide to help you with easy learning. 

  • TomTom XXL Update Via Wi-Fi
  • TomTom XXL Update Via USB
  • TomTom XXL Update Via Website

How to Update TomTom XXL Device Via W-Fi?

If you’re using Wi-Fi-enabled TomTom, you can have TomTom XXL update easily in a short span of time. Once you get connected to the Wi-Fi network, TomTom Will remember this password—meaning the next time you connect to this network to update your device  will not take a longer time to download. Here are the steps to follow. 

  • Connect your device to Wi-Fi

[Note: We Recommend connecting with home or office Wi-Fi, as public Wi-Fi like Hotels and cafes are not that strong and can take time to download.] 

  • Log into your TomTom XXl account
  • Plug in a power source
  • Download TomTom XXL update

This is one simple way to get the latest version of your navigation device. Now move ahead to learn the next method on the same. 

How to Update TomTom XXL Device Via USB?

In case you can’t access Wi-Fi or don’t have a Wi-Fi-enabled device, you can update GPS by connecting to the computer via USB. If you don’t know how to get the TomTom XXL update using USB, learn here. 

  • Sign in to your MyDrive Connect account

[Note: If you don’t have MyDrive Connect installed to your computer, install it now.]

  • Connect to MyDrive Account
  • Plug your TomTom into your system via USB
  • Now, Go to Main Menu>Settings>Update & New Terms on your GPS
  • Update as required. 

Once the update has been completed, you will receive a notification on your TomTom screen. Now you can disconnect the device from the computer. 

How to Update TomTom XXL Device Online? 

If none of the above methods works or you want to get a TomTom XXL update for free online, follow the simple steps given below. 

  • Open the TomTom Website
  • Login to your TomTom Account on it 
  • Find updating the TomTom device option, Click on it
  • The list will open. Select the device you want to update
  • Hit OK button
  • Now tap on Done to confirm

The above method to get TomTom XXL Update is reliable and easy. Once you download the latest version, close the website. 

Various experts have discussed different methods to update the navigation device. The three methods we have shortlisted are the most convenient ways to download the latest TomTom XXL Update for free. You can consider any of these as per your demands. 

Last Words

A GPS navigator is a necessary device these days. Such devices help you to reach the destination hassle-free in less time. It is important to keep your device up-to-date so that you can get the latest version of the maps and can access accurate navigation. The TomTom XXL Update will provide a smoother and fast experience to users. Besides navigating your accurate routes, it will also help you with traffic monitoring services and all other latest updates. 

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