What is YouTube Error 500 and How to Fix it?

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YouTube Error 500: What Does it Mean and How to Fix It?

YouTube Error 500: If you come across error 500 while streaming videos on YouTube, don’t worry, it is neither your system issue nor your account has been hacked, it is just a common problem that can be resolved with simple hacks. This post will explain what exactly YouTube Error 500 is and what are the simple solutions to fix it. 

What is YouTube Error 500?

YouTube Error 500 is one of the known errors of YouTube that can be seen occasionally. If you’re a YouTube user, you may have come across this error or may experience this in the future. 

It is the internal server error that means your request to the internal server is unable to find the right path to perform your request. As it is clear from the name “500 Internal Server Error”, it is a server error and has nothing to do with computers or other devices. 

Now the concern is how to settle YouTube error 500. The first thing that hits your mind would be contacting ‘YouTube Support’. But it can be time taking as numerous users might confront this issue just like you and seek help from YouTube. The best option is to search for reliable and simple solutions to troubleshoot YouTube Error 500.

Since we’ve stated above that we will discuss a few easy methods to fix ‘500 internal server error’, here are more than half a dozen solutions to help YouTube users to resolve the glitch. 

6+ Solutions to Resolve YouTube Error 500

Well, 500 Internal Server Error is a common issue. All you need to do is to wait patiently for the operators of the web servers to analyze and fix this error. Or you can try cleaning the history, cookie, and cache of the browser, restarting the device, and refreshing the page. Then wait for some time to let this problem go on its own. Try these methods one by one until the problem is solved.

Methods 1: Refresh the Page

YouTube Error 500 is temporary, so the first thing you can do is refresh the page.

To refresh the page, press F5 on the keyboard. 

Method 2: Restart Your Browser or Switch To Another Browser

Restarting your browser always works well when there’s something wrong with loading webpage content. If the problem is still not resolved, you can try switching the browser. 

Method 3: Update Your Browser

If 500 internal server error occurs due to an outdated version of your browser, Kindly update your browser to the latest version. Here are simple steps to follow.

  • Go to the Google Chrome
  • Click on the 3 vertical points in the top right corner of the page
  • Next Help> About Google Help
  • Wait for the update. It will update the version automatically
  • Click Relaunch

Method 4: Restart Your Router

If the 500 internal server error is still not fixed even after refreshing the page and restarting the browser, probably restarting your router will work. Give your router time to cool down and flush away the things that lingered in the memory. After restarting the router many problems get resolved including YouTube Error 500. 

Move to another method, if it also fails to fix YouTube Error 500. 

Method 5: Clear Cache & Cookies

Another method to settle YouTube Error 500 is clearing the cache and cookies. Do you know how to do it? Fret not! We can help you. 

  • Click the Menu on the upper right corner of the browser toolbar
  • Go to More Tools> Clear Browser Data> Mark the options in the dialogue that appears>Click the Clear button. 

Clearing the cache and cookies can help you in troubleshooting 500 internal server error. Learn more methods in case this also doesn’t work. 

Method 6: Reload YouTube Page

If nothing works from the aforementioned methods, don’t be disheartened. We are still left with options. 

Many users try this method and get success in fixing YouTube Error 500. It is the easiest and fastest aid to the problem. Start following the below-mentioned steps to reload YouTube Page. 

  • Press Ctrl+F5 on Windows
  • Right-click the mouse to find the reload option
  • Select the URL on the address and hit Enter
  • Click the “Reload this Page” icon located near the address bar

Bonus Tip: Watch YouTube Videos Offline

YouTube error 500 comes without invitation. Besides 500 internal server error, you’re not sure when other unexpected errors like YouTube error 503, YouTube 400 error, YouTube error 429, etc., might occur and interrupt your online streaming. Instead of playing online videos, it’s better to download videos to watch them later offline without interruptions. 

There are various applications or software available on the internet that allow users to download videos in high-definition quality. Search for some best YouTube video downloading apps and start downloading. 

Final Option: 

YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform with more than 2 million active users in the world. It is tough for YouTube customer support to assist every user immediately. This is why we bring you this quick guide to help you resolve YouTube error 500 in a short span of time. 

We also assist our readers and technical assistance seekers if they find themselves confused in following this guide. All you need to do is- mention your problem in the comment section or drop us a mail. We’ll address your problem and get back to you with the solution in the least possible time. 


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