How to Connect Your Epson Printer L355 with a Wi-Fi Network?

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How to Connect Your Epson Printer L355 with a Wi-Fi Network

Finding the best way to connect your Epson printer with Wi-Fi? Learn how to connect your Epson printer L355 with a Wi-Fi network with us in the simplest ways. Just follow, connect your Epson printer with Wi-Fi and print important documents conveniently.

However, connecting an Epson printer with Wi-Fi is simple and quick, but if you don’t know the precise way it could be complicated and a time-taking task. Whether you use Windows or Mac, we know the simplest method to connect your Epson printer with Wi-Fi in the shortest time possible. 

While following this tutorial, if you got stuck somewhere or unable to understand the steps don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your doubts. We have included instructions for Windows and Mac both. Choose either way as per your needs and requirements. Without further ado, let’s start with the guide on how to connect your Epson printer L355 with a Wi-Fi network. 

How to Connect Your Epson Printer L355 with a Wi-Fi Network?

The method to connect the Epson printer with Wi-Fi on your Windows 10 is absolutely simple. Before starting following the steps, we suggest you read the instructions completely. Also, check whether or not your printer is Turned On and connected to your computer. If yes, start following the steps. 

Step- 1. On your Windows 10, Open ‘Cortana’ by pressing ‘Windows’ + ‘Q’ keys

Step- 2. In the search box of Windows, type ‘Printer’ and press Enter

Step- 3. You’ll have a ‘Control Panel’ and connected devices, choose your printer from here 

Step- 4. In case you are unable to find your printer, check your connection again. When you can find your printer name, click on ‘Add a Printer or Scanner’ 

Step- 5. Now choose your Epson printer from the list 

Step- 6. Double click on the printer name to ‘Set up’

Step- 7. Now go to the ‘Wi-Fi’ setting to set up the Wi-Fi on your Windows 10

Step- 8. Click on ‘Wi-Fi Setup’ & press Enter ‘Wi-Fi setup Wizard’

Step- 9. Find the available network name and click. 

Step- 10. Provide password and tap on ‘Connect’

Step- 11. Your printer may take some time to get connected with your Wi-Fi network. 

Step- 12. Once connected, you will be able to use your printer for printing unlimited and fine documents. 

Epson printers are the most preferred choice of the users. It is the most convenient printer for homes and offices. But people often struggle to set up the Wi-Fi in the Epson printer due to the lack of knowledge. If you’ve purchased an Epson printer and want to know how to connect your Epson printer L355 with a Wi-Fi network, learn here. We’ve mentioned steps to connect Windows 10 with Wi-Fi. But if you’re looking for ways on how to connect Epson Printer with Mac, don’t worry, we will bring you a short guide describing instructions to connect Wi-Fi with Mac also. 

How to Connect an Epson Printer with Wi-Fi on Mac Laptop?

Do you have a Mac and wonder how to connect your Epson printer L355 with a Wi-Fi network?

Here is the simple procedure to connect your device to Wi-Fi. Read and follow the steps carefully to perform without hassle. 

Step- 1. Search for the ‘Epson Connect’ printer setup utility application on Mac and download the application

Step- 2. Run the application and enter ‘Continue’

Step- 3. Click ‘Agree’ to the software license and click on ‘Continue’ to install the application

Step-4. Next, click on ‘Agree’ to accept the terms and conditions

Step-5. Once the installation completes, choose the network and press ‘Next’

Step-6. Click on ‘Printer Registration’ to continue

Step-7. A dialog box will be displayed on the screen telling ‘Register a Printer to Epson Connect’, hit ‘OK’

Step- 8. Click on the check box to accept the Terms and Conditions

Step-9. If you don’t have an account, create a new one

Step- 10. If you already have, choose ‘I already have an account’ and press close. 

Step-11. Click on ‘Activate Scan to Cloud and Remote Print’ to activate the services

Step-12. With this, your Epson printer will get connected to the application. Now open the ‘Settings’

Step- 13. Now go to the Wireless network connection options on your Mac. 

Step- 14. Enter the password of the available Wi-Fi and your device will be connected to the network. 

This way on how to connect your Epson printer L335 with a Wi-Fi network is helpful for Mac users. If you have any confusion or query, let us know by commenting in the below section. We’re always desperate to help our readers with their needs. Whether you want to learn how to connect the Epson printer with Wi-Fi or confront any other technical issue, we can help you in the easiest way possible. 

After following the aforementioned steps, if you’re still unable to connect to Wi-Fi, there could be any other issue that you’re unable to detect. In the below section, we’re discussing some possibilities that can interrupt your Wi-Fi network. Have a look at the below details to know why your Epson is not connecting to Wi-Fi. 

  1. Change Location of Your Epson Printer

Due to poor network, you may be unable to connect your Epson printer with Wi-Fi. Try to change the location of your printer and place it near the router. It will strengthen the signals and may help you in finding the solution to your problem ‘how to connect your Epson printer L355 with a Wi-Fi network.

  1. Try Restart your Devices; Epson Printer & Router

If your Wi-Fi is connected but not showing networks, this is another generic problem. Restarting the router and Epson printer will be the most suitable option to fix the issue. Here is how to do it correctly. 

  • Plug out and in your router in the distance of 1 minute approximately
  • Similarly, Plug out and in your Epson printer from the system
  • Then again start the router and printer and check the networks

If there is any minor technical issue and you’re looking for how to connect your Epson printer L355 with a Wi-Fi network, this trick will definitely work. 

  1. Check Wi-Fi Password

This might be one of the reasons why your Epson printer is not connecting to Wi-Fi. Check whether the Wi-Fi password you’re providing to the Wi-Fi network is correct or not. If not, provide the right password to the network and then try connecting. This is another easiest solution to your problem ‘how to connect Epson printer with Wi-Fi.’

  1. Try Factory Reset Network Settings

However, it can lose your data and other important files but can help you connect the Epson printer with Wi-Fi networks. You can do it by following the below steps. 

  • Turn ON your printer and system
  • Go to the Menu>Settings
  • Scroll down to select ‘Restore default settings’
  • Now click on Network Settings
  • You’ll be able to see a pop-up setting, tap on OK
  • The Epson printer will restore and reboot itself
  • Once the system gets Turn ON, try connecting to Wi-Fi again

If these ways didn’t work and you’re still struggling with how to connect your Epson printer L355 with a Wi-Fi network, hoping this last option will help you. 

  1. Update Epson Printer Driver

Yes, updating the Epson printer driver can fix the Wi-Fi connection issue. You can easily update the Epson printer driver with the following five steps. 

  • Go to the Windows Desktop
  • In the taskbar section, right-click on the product icon
  • Click on Software Update
  • Now go to the Printer Settings>Utility 
  • Next, Choose Driver Updates

These changes will help you to connect Wi-Fi with Epson Printer. If you have any query, you can update in the comment section. We’ll try reaching you with the solution in a short span of time. We’re keen to help our readers and people who’re struggling with technical issues, so you’re welcome here anytime with any sort of problem. We can help you in fixing the glitch and resuming your work quickly. 


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