3 Easy Fixes for McAfee Error 1406

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McAfee Error 1406

McAfee, which is one of the widely used antivirus applications, may sometimes show the McAfee error 1406 while installing it in the computer system. This is a common runtime error which pops up on the screen out of sudden when a user tries to install the antivirus programme in the system. 

If you see the McAfee runtime error 1406 popping up on the screen during installation and you are asked to quit the installation process, you might end up clueless how to fix the problem persisting with the antivirus installation. If the McAfeeinstallation approach fails again and again, we advise you to look into the reasons to get the clue of the problem and remedial measures to set the installation course error-free.

In the post below, we have tried to shed some light on the most common reason why the McAfee error 1406 strikes in your computer while installing the antivirus application. Moreover, we have also put forth the 3 easy remedial measures to help you get sorted with the problem.

About McAfeeRuntime Error 1406

The McAfee error 1406 is a runtime error which happens most while installing the antivirus application in the computer system. The error may result in frequent system freezes and unexpected crashes or shutdown. If the antivirus installation fails, it doesn’t imply that anything is wrong with the antivirus application. 

When the McAfee error 1406 strikes in place, most of you will presume that the antivirus’ .exe installation file is corrupt while the case is different. As a matter fact, everything is fine both with your computer system and the antivirus installation file. A few technical snags within the computer system might be the reason behind the runtime error and it may further trigger the issue of McAfee installation failure. 

Signs of McAfee error1406

When thinking of filing the issue McAfee error 1406, you need to start with identifying the key signs of the problem. In order to help you diagnose the McAfee error 1406, we have pointed out some key symptoms for users facing the antivirus installation failure issue. Look below:

Dialogue box popping up during installation

The very first sign for identifying the McAfee error 1406 is the pop-up window that may appear on the screen abruptly when installing the antivirus application. The pop-up window may have a dialogue box within that may include a message to quit the installation. If any such pop -up window is appearing on the screen containing a dialogue box to quit the installation process, you can be sure of the 1406 error.

Unexpected system shutdown

Unexpected system shutdown is another significant sign of the McAfee error 1406 particularly when it happens in the middle of the antivirus installation on the computer system. If you are trying to install the McAfeeantivirus application on your Windows PC or laptop and the system shuts down without giving you any prior notice, it means that the error 1406 has occurred. 

System freeze or crash

In case the McAfeeantivirus installation is hindered in the middle freezing or crashing the computer system, yon pick out the conclusion that this is because of the McAfee error 1406. When there is any incidence of system freeze or crash, it will disable everything running or playing on the screen. You may need to turn the system off from the power source and restart it again. System crash is fatal to your computer system and may cease the hard disk and operating system from functioning properly.

Sudden Drop in the Internet Speed

There has been an incident when users have noticed that there is a sudden drop in the internet speed during the installation of the antivirus application. In this case, not only does the antivirus installation process stop in the middle, it may leave the internet connectivity and speed in distress. This happens because of the runtime error, i.e. the McAfee error 1406. The drop in the internet speed is only because of the antivirus installation runtime and error and you should immediately work your way out to fix the problem.

As soon as you notice the glitch, i.e., McAfee error1406 in the computer while installing the antivirus application, you should immediately find the resurrective measure to address the issue.

What Causes McAfee error1406 

While developing the antivirus application, programmers code it in line with the possible occurrence of errors in view. But no design can be said to be a perfect design. Even an accurately coded programme may show glitches while installing it in the computer system. Technical snags are normal and can happen anytime while running the application or during installation. If you are facing the McAfee error 1406, you aren’t supposed to pick out any wrong conclusion about your computer system or the antivirus application. 

The runtime error with the McAfeeantivirus application usually occurs because of the incompatibility of it with the operating system or its interference with the other software applications or programs installed in the computer system. The incompatibility issue may be between the OS and antivirus or graphics setting might not be well in line with the antivirus requirement. There might be bad sectors within the computer system that may result in the McFee error 1406 when you install the antivirus application in the computer system. Virus infections have also been found as the key reason behind the error 1406 and why your computer system fails to install the antivirus application. 

Instead of looking into the reasons that cause the McAfee error 1406, you must look into the ways how you can resurrect the issue and set the system free from the persisting runtime error. We have below brought you 3 easy ways to fix the error 1406. We advise you to employ them in the system when you witness any single or multiple signs of the error code 1406.

Here are the Easy Fixes for the McAfee Error 1406:

Below, we have provided you with the quick and easy fixes for McAfee error 1406. 

Fix – 1: Close the Conflicting Applications

When you find the McAfee runtime error 1406 in your computer system while installing the antivirus application, you should know that there are certain programmes in the system that might be conflicting with the antivirus installation. Tech experts recommend closing such conflicting programmes from the system, it will sort out the issue resulting in error-free installation.

Here is how you can do it:

Step I- Open “Task Manager” by pressing and holding Ctrl-Alt-Del at the same time;

Step II- Go to the “Processes” to find all the programmes running in the system;

Step III- Stop all the conflicting programmes one by one by clicking on the “End Process” button;

Step IV- Try reinstalling the McAfeeantivirus application after closing the conflicting applications;

If the problem is resolved, you are good to go with the antivirus application usage or else you can find and close other conflicting applications and try reinstalling the antivirus application. 

Fix – 2: Try Updating or Reinstalling the Conflicting Applications

Sometimes closing the conflicting applications doesn’t resolve the McAfee error 1406 problem. In the scenario, you may have to update the installed programmes to set the course of the antivirus application error-free. In some other cases, you may need to uninstall the conflicting programmes and reinstall it in the computer system to ensure that the antivirus installation is not hindered by any reason.

Look how you can go with updating or reinstalling the conflicting application: 

Step I- For Windows 7, click the “Start” button and then click “Control panel,” then Uninstall a program:

Step II- For Windows 8 and 8.1, click the Start Button, and then scroll down to find “Settings,” then click “Control panel” and then choose “Uninstall a program.”

Step III- For Windows 10, locate “Uninstall or change a programme” on the menu board above “This PC” window and reinstall the updated version of the conflicting application.

Fix – 3: Try Updating Your Windows OS 

If you have seamless Wi-Fi connectivity at your place, you can set your system on with the auto update feature. In case you don’t have high-speed internet connection, you can choose to keep the Windows auto update feature off. However, when the McAfee error 1406 occurs, we advise to manually update the Windows operating system. Along with updating the operating system, experts advise to update the outdated drivers of the third-party applications loaded on the system.

This is how you can update the Windows operating system manually:

Step I- Click Start (or press the Windows key) and then click “Settings;”

Step II- In the “Settings” window, click “Update & Security;”

Step III-To check for an update, click “Check for updates;”

Step IV- If there’s an update available to install, it should appear under the “Check for updates” button;

Step V- Now click “Download and install.”

You’ll need to restart your computer to install any update, so make sure all your work is saved before installing. In Windows 10 OS, updates are turned on by default and in no way, you are allowed to turn it off. However, you can disable Windows updates for some days. 

Now you have three tricks to employ in the system when noticing the McAfee error 1406. Hopefully one of the tricks will surely work to fix the malfunctioning allowing you to properly install the antivirus application without the sign of McAfee runtime error. You don’t need to be a technology nerd to employ the fixes. Even a common PC user can follow the step by step fixes to resolve the error code 1406.  


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