How to Get Rand McNally Update: Here is a Step-by-step Guide

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rand McNally update

Rand McNally is an essential part of your traveling. It is a GPS software and hardware for consumer electronics, commercial transportations, and education markets. The company claims to be the most accurate mapping software to make traveling easy by providing faultless navigation. All you need to do is to upgrade the map timely.   

The upgrade, which involves the full map update and extensive improvements to the routing and interface, will enhance users’ experience and provide an enjoyable & hassle-free journey. The update comes after every 18 months. Although, there have been interim updates that include well-updated maps and improved services.  

So it is crucial to get your Rand McNally update if you want to leverage the latest GPS settings and enjoy a hassle-free journey. But many times users come with issues with the Rand McNally GPS update and don’t find the solution. So, whenever you are troubled with updating Rand McNally GPS, contact Pre PC solution is the best option to seek help. You will find the best suggestions to update your GPS quickly and easily. 

Alternatively, we’re discussing real-time steps that you can follow to get rid of updating issues in a limited time in a convenient way. Also, you can take assistance from our experts even if you get stuck while following these instructions. 

Rand McNally GPS Update 

By utilizing these steps, you will be able to get Rand McNally Update manually by yourself on your particular device. When a Rand McNally GPS update is required, you will get informed in two ways. 

  • Either the software itself ask you to update the maps, 
  • Or, when you visit the docking station of your Rand McNally product, you will see the Rand McNally update option on the Front Window. 

Things That Need to Consider When you Run Rand McNally GPS Update

  • Your system must be connected to high-speed internet. 
  • There should be a Dock station downloaded on your Rand McNally Software. 

Steps For Rand McNally GPS Update 

  • Go to the search bar in your default browser and enter Rand McNally Lifetime Maps. 
  • Choose the search option for Rand McNally Software and Visit the Website. 
  • Now download the software as per the operating system of your device. 
  • Once the software gets downloaded, Open it to operate. 
  • Before anything, install Shield Wizard. 
  • Click next and accept the Terms and Conditions regarding the software and ensure the license agreement. 
  • Hit install, but before this, connect the device which you want to update. 
  • When your device is connected successfully, you will see the display connected on the screen. 
  • Now, install the Shield Window and continue with the further steps.
  • Follow the Shield Wizard installation instructions carefully and select your preferred language. 
  • Next, open the Window from your dock software and check the updates. 
  • When the update is over, you have to transfer it to the device. 
  • Now, Rand McNally users will have to register before updating. 
  • Go to the Rand McNally update section to update the maps. 
  • Continue the updating process and wait for the download to complete. 
  • When the download completes, install the update. 
  • Once the Rand McNally GPS update gets over, you will receive a prompt message saying ‘Update is Completed’. 
  •  Click on the Back Button. 
  • Finally, follow the rest instructions carefully to complete the update. Once you’re completed with all the steps, disconnect the updates and end the process. 

With these steps, you can easily complete the Rand McNally update without any hurdles. Just in case, you may get stuck somewhere and need any assistance, get in touch with the industry’s expert technicians to get on-time support. If you wonder who is the reliable partner, Pre PC Solution is undoubtedly the best option. Feel free to contact us anytime, because we are 24×7 ready to assist its customers. So, no matter where you get stuck, before starting the procedure or while following the steps, you will get answers to all queries immediately.


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