How To Update TomTom 4en52 z1230

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TomTom is a popular navigation device that gets regular map updates quarterly to keep you up-to-date with the latest location information and map data. If you are a TomTom user, you must keep tabs on when the company releases the new map and software updates for the navigation device. Are you aware of the update TomTom 4en52 z1230 – the latest update released by the device manufacturer? If you are unaware of the new TomTom update and the way to update the navigation device, pick up on the post to get done with the TomTom update.  

Is Your Device Eligible For Update TomTom 4en52 z1230? 

The company which manufactures the TomTom navigation device provides users with two different programs to update TomTom 4en52 z123, i.e., MyDrive Connect and TomTom HOME. Whether you are eligible to download the update for your navigation device or not depends on the type of device you have. If you are going to install the latest update TomTom 4en52 z1230 on your navigation device, here are some keynotes to be aware of: 

1. The navigation devices with Lifetime Maps support are eligible to download and install the free updates;

2. Not all updates released by the company are free to download. Remember some updates are paid;

3. You will require a MAC or Windows PC to download and install the TomTom 4en52 z1230 update. 

Latest Map Guarantee Updates

The latest update TomTom 4en52 z123 released by the company, is available to download only on the devices that have the facility of the Latest Map Guarantee Updates. With the latest updates installed on the device, you can access the most up-to-date map information to get through even the most intricate routes. 

Buyers who invest in the navigation devices of the TomTom GO series get 30 days from the date of first use to download the latest map updates, if available. The TomTom Go Pro user, on the other hand, gets 90 days to download the map and software updates for their navigation device. If your newly purchased device is new enough to download the latest update, you can update TomTom 4en52 z123. However, the refurbished navigation devices will not have access to the company’s latest map and software updates. 

Paid Update TomTom 4en52 z123

If the TomTom navigation device didn’t have the support of Lifetime Maps, you won’t be able to download and install the Update TomTom 4en52 z123 without paying for it. In another case, if the Latest Map Guarantee period is over, you will be required to make payment for downloading and installing the latest map or/and software update for your navigation device. 

If your navigation device is disallowing you from downloading the latest map or software updates TomTom 4en52 z123 and you still want to download, here is how you can go:

Updating TomTom Go

I. Download and install the TomTom HOME program for your computer; 

II. Connect your navigation device to the computer with the USB cord;

III. Sign in with your TomTom account (or create a new account);

IV. Click on “Tools > Use Latest Map Guarantee to download and install the available map and software updates.” 

If the updates TomTom 4en52 z123 is available for your device, it will be automatically downloaded, provided you’re within the guarantee period. OR, you will require to pay for downloading the updates from the site to install them in your TomTom Go further. 

Updating TomTom PRO 

If you own a TomTom PRO device, updating it with the latest firmware, i.e., updates TomTom 4en52 z123, will be as similar as it is for the TomTom Go. But unlike TomTom Home, You need to download the MyDrive Connect software to install on your computer. Connect the TomTom Go Pro the way the standard GO variant was connected through a USB cable. As the program opens on the computer:

I. Click “Overview > View Updates;” 

II. Click in the box next to any available updates; 

III. Now click the “Update Selected” button;

IV. Wait until the updates TomTom 4en52 z123  are installed in the device;

V. Let the device restart.

VI. Disconnect the device from the computer safely after the restart.

The map/software updates, whichever is available, will be successfully installed in your TomTom navigation device. 

Final Thought

Updating the firmware of your navigation devices. e.g., TomTom Go or Go Pro is easy. The only thing to know here is the appropriate software program for installing the updates and the eligibility of your device to download and install the updates. 


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